As a kid, I spent all my time drawing…

…carrying my pad of paper and magic markers everywhere I went.

But, in grade school, another kid stole my drawing pad. When he gave it back, he said he was jealous of how good I could draw. We sat together and I taught him some ways to draw and we became friends.

Today, I still carry a sketchbook & supplies everywhere, drawing, painting, and designing whatever creative thoughts are worth exploring.

Despite hurdling life's challenging obstacles, I'm fortunate to carry a bright, cheerful sense of wonder and humor that's reflected in my work.

As a Graphic Designer & Illustrator, I've worked with some brilliant creative teams at Gillette, New Balance, Staples, and the UMASS Medical School, as well as with extensive freelance programs for over 30 years.

Just as rewarding were the seven years spent as a design instructor with Newbury College and also as a school-age director with a children's center applying art & athletics for kids with special needs.

For me, the roads ahead are always under construction, filled with wondrous, unexpected detours. My paths are forged from creativity, curiosity, and a passion that never rests and is never satisfied.

Each new corner holds fantastic new opportunities to explore; I'm excited to go forward into them, my sketchbook in hand.

Best wishes in all your endeavors and thanks for visiting my site!


m.d. campbell • • 617-939-7556 • photo courtesy of Bob Durling Photography