FREE Children’s Book for Coronavirus Days

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This Terrible, Awful, Nasty, Horrible Coronavirus!

As a thank you to our essential workers and to aid in helping folks cope with downtime, especially kids, I’m offering a FREE digital copy of my children’s book, “Pig Pile,” which you can download by RIGHT-CLICKING on this link and choosing “Save linked file as.” (CONTROL-CLICK for Mac)

* Note: I don’t track info, data, or downloads – I don’t know how! This is just my contribution.

As we’ve all said, “this is something right out of Hollywood,” because it is!  Right now, on Netflix and other streaming video services, it’s movies about pandemics, outbreaks, and devastating viruses that are the top picks among viewers. Perhaps, because there are no real answers and there’s no certainty to how this current situation will play out. Viewers may be looking to a fictional reality to grasp a better understanding of what’s happening around them. Unfortunately, it’s still merely fiction and there’s no answers and no solutions except for time and good diligence.

Sadly, this event will change our lives forever. In 2001, when Richard Reid tried (but failed) to detonate a bomb in his shoe on an  American Airlines flight from Paris to Miami, it changed the course of how we go through security at the airport in America, where we now have to remove our shoes before entering the gate.

But, the ways that this pandemic will change our lives is unforeseeable, as of this writing. Beyond the unthinkable loss of life, we will all an entirely different way of conducting ourselves in public and with our personal – and public – hygiene. From the way we buy our groceries to standing next to other people in line at the movies. Hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, blue gloves, and protective masks are a common sight for us these days, but ironically, just two months ago we might have laughed at our friend if we saw them wearing one to buy bread or milk. Now, of course, it’s not so funny.

Like anything, there are always those who refuse to follow the rules. Those who are somehow incapable of exhibiting courtesy to those around them or in protecting themselves from this unseen menace, despite the warnings. One neighbor, near us, continues to surround themselves with people and party without care, as if they’re oblivious or immune. Maybe they know something we don’t know. But, to be so cavalier these days is, arguably, to be ignorant and could actually cost someone dearly for simply not being smarter. I see these folks whenever I go out to shop for food. I would like to stop and ask them why they refuse to protect themselves or keep others safe, but unfortunately, I know what their answer would be and it wouldn’t be polite.

So, for my family, we’re hunkered down at home, for the most part, waiting it out. This is what our government and health officials are recommending, so it seems wise to follow suit. But, also, it’s a fantastic and positive opportunity! It’s a chance to sit down, for a change, and re-evaluate… to set goals, get things done, clean up and organize, and really get a grip on what’s important in life! For me, those are:

  • my health
  • my family
  • my friends (staying in touch)
  • my time
  • my creativity

Before the Coronavirus, I must’ve heard friends and co-workers say a thousand times, “I really need a vacation!” Well, for better or for worse, that’s what we got! Again, it’s a great opportunity to do the things we’ve only been talking about doing, but just never had time to really do them! All it takes, of course, is MOTIVATION! Whether it’s creating new artwork, taking an online course, write some letters, learning oils or pastels, starting a YouTube channel, writing a graphic novel, cleaning the basement or garage, or even learning to play an instrument! There’s SO much we can do to make things better in our lives and in the lives of those around us! It’s no secret, either, that being productive and applying ourselves to immersive tasks is therapeutic – releasing endorphins, adrenalin, and dopamine to make us feel happy! 

But, if I’m being honest, I’m not embracing this time fully, myself. I spent the other day wiping down every handle, knob, push button, flush, switch, keyboard, and railing in my house. It felt good, but I was actually tired when I was done! I’ve also been cooking up food like a pro! I refuse to go hungry during a pandemic! But, in all seriousness, I am finding myself getting into some lazy habits. Sleeping later than usual, checking social media far more than usual, playing games on devices or consoles, watching Netflix, and even just standing in front of the fridge, staring, right after I just ate! For me, it’s really important to be in sync with my prior routine. Falling into bad habits means that when this is over, I may have a difficult time adjusting back. So, I try hard to treat every weekday like a workday. Shower, shave, get dressed for whatever tasks I have to do, and put myself in the mindset that I’m working, no matter what I choose to do. It’s a good example for my family and it’s a good way for me to keep my routine in check. 

There are lots of things I want to do, but there are also things I have to do. So, when the work is done, that’s when I can do the things that make me happy. And for whatever it’s worth, I want to be ready when life comes back around toward normal – and no, it’s never going to be completely the way it was, but for whatever it becomes, I plan to be ready for it! Thank you so much for checking this out and don’t forget to download my book, “Pig Pile,” which I’m offering for a limited time. Stay healthy, be well, and may these days of the Coronavirus bring something positive and productive for you and those you love! God bless.