The Vote on Voting

“The 2016 election has been an embarrassment both to and for our country.” - citizens of the United States of America

The Fire Breathing Monster and The Snake-Tongued Devil

When I was a child, I remember drawing a picture of Richard Nixon naked. I had been looking at my Dad’s Newsweek Magazine which featured a story about the streaking craze (people running around naked) and President Nixon’s impeachment. 

My drawing was a humorous connection between the stories. My drawing also got me into big trouble with my parents who informed me that streaking was done by drug crazed hippies and that to draw the president in such a way was disrespectful to our country’s leader.

How was I to know at such a young age that the President of the United States of America was a position of such high stature and respect, that I couldn’t even make a little fun of it? 

In years to come, I learned a lot about the role of the President and that they can be liars, criminals, cheaters, immoral, unethical, dangerous and frankly, scary!

With the 2016 election ended in just a days from now, I took my opportunity to vote early, something we’ve never been able to do before. I know my vote won’t matter because I live in Massachusetts. Only two Republicans have ever won in MA and that was Reagan in 1984 and Eisenhower in 1956. Democrats own MA.

But that doesn’t mean I am obligated to vote Democrat. No, no. I look at all the issues, listen to my heart, and talk with others about the full scope. But this year was so different. It was disgusting, for lack of a better word.

Still, I went to the polls with my head held high, feeling my American pride, and yes, I voted yesterday. When it came down to my final decision, it wasn’t about the issues, after all – I toiled over them for too long. 

Instead, it came down to who I could drive cross country with: 

Hillary: dictates how I drive, what routes to take, stop to pee every 5 miles, only listen to NPR, talk non-stop about her brilliant career and motherhood. Wants to get there a day early. 

Trump: refuse to use GPS cuz he knows a better route that’ll be great. Makes faces and taunts other drivers, refuses to share driving, and demands to take random, unplanned exit stops to go to strip clubs. Believes we can get there overnight. 

• Gary Johnson: talks about the beauty of the landscape, brings a mixed tape of Phish, The Beatles, The Stones, The Dead, Stanley Clarke, and other cool music. Offers his GPS that has several routes programmed in, with all the best places to stop and eat, museums, and historic sites. Talks about everything and is willing to share the drive and the expenses. Laughs a lot, too. Has a “we’ll get there on time, but no pressue” perspective. 

• Jill Stein: asks why we’re not driving a Prius and gets tofu crisp crumbs all over the seat. Smells like vinegar and doesn’t say a word the entire ride. Truly believes she’ll get there. Some day. 

My decision was not to vote for a monster or the devil, but for someone whom I could trust to make decisions with a cabinet of intelligent people who aren’t out for power, money, or to secure their party’s future for the next election. 

I voted conscience, not politics. Cheers!